About Lief International

building a brand with the purpose of bringing high entertainment to the community, sharing knowledge for community value. Therefore , the development of Lief International is increasingly difficult . As one of the websites with the purpose of imparting knowledge, Lief International is proud to be an organization that brings joy and meaningful knowledge to the community. With companions who are experts in the entertainment industry with high expertise from reputable companies, through a period of unremitting efforts, we are growing and becoming more ambitious.  Lief International  is confident to bring customers quality products that make even the most demanding customers agree.

Operation criteria of Lief International

Lief International wishes to develop into a development and mutual respect organization with the support of knowledge about general news, learning programming, MMO and how to download free software applications.

The main mission of Lief International

Lief International is committed to unlimited growth, improvement and increase in product quality, application of new technologies, improvement of information, towards meeting your proposals with the quality expected. At the top level of news.

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